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  Can you resist cream cakes? I miss my sugar! I’ve decided to lose weight and I had to give up cakes. It’s difficult because I have a sweet tooth and I love cream cakes.

  Not having treats can be good for your health. I’ve heard that the Burts, a family of five in South East England,lived sugar free for a whole year after they found out their daughter had diabetes (糖尿 病).It wasn’t easy. To avoid temptation, I don’t go to any bakeries, but this family actually owns one, which makes up to 3 ,000 cakes a week.

  They were in shock when the doctor said that their 16-year-old Lucy had to check her blood sugar levels regularly and take insulin (胰岛素). He advised her to eat a normal,balanced diet,but the Burts went further and got rid of sugar altogether.

  And how does it feel to live without sugar for a while? Jason Burt said that for a month they felt weak. But later on it all changed. He says he feels “more awake” and full of energy.

  And what about the Burt family business? It had to keep using half a ton of sugar a week and any cook worth his salt knows that you have to taste a recipe to know if it’s right. No problem there,says Jason Burt’s wife, Clare. She points out that she’s got lots of people offering to taste the cakes for them. The family is also thinking about selling more delicious products.

  I wonder what makes us have a strong desire for sweet food. Anyway, I’ve decided to forget about the sweet taste of sugar for a while. As British model Kate Moss says:“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

  21.From the passage, what do we know about the author?

  A. The author runs a bakery.

  B. The author hates sweet taste.

  C. The author is on a diet.

  D. The author’s daughter had diabetes.

  22.What did the Burts do after hearing the doctor’s advice?

  A.They were shocked.

  B. They went too far about it.

  C.They used half a ton of sugar a week.

  D. They avoided sugar completely.

  23.From the passage we can learn it is necessary for a cook .

  A.to make up to 3 ,000 cakes a week

  B.to taste a recipe to know if it’s right

  C.to get lots of people offering to taste the cakes

  D.to selling more delicious products

  24.What does the sentence by Kate Moss mean?

  A.It is worthwhile to resist food to look skinny.

  B.There is nothing tasting as good as sweets.

  C.Nothing tastes good when the skin feels terrible.

  D.Nobody can resist the desire for sweets.


  Parents will do anything for their children. Whether it would be the food, clothes, or the place they live in,parents will always make sure their children have the best of everything. One of the big-gest concerns that parents currently have is educating their children. They are faced with lots of diffi-culties when it comes to education for their young ones. Choices include private school, charter school,public school or home schooling.

  Fortunately for parents,there are a variety of different strategies that they can take in order to in-crease their child’s overall intelligence. According to Ross A. Thompson, PhD, professor of psychol-ogy at the University of California at Davis, a child’s brain will actually reach 90% of its full size by the time they start kindergarten.

  Researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago concluded that playing a musical instrument directly affected the brain stem, the lower section of the brain. Moreover, children that learn an in-strument at an early age tend to continue it when they are older. And numerous studies show that a well balanced meal is essential for a child’s mental as well as physical health. Some other researchers recommended that a second language should be taught when children are in preschool. They state that three to four years of age is the perfect time and that any age under four would work perfectly fine for a child’s brain development.

  The average child will learn how to read between kindergarten and second grade. Many parents can give their children a jump start by teaching them to read before they start school. Children could have an adequate background of the alphabet and sounds of words before attending school. This can be done by simply reading to them whenever you want. The more comfortable they get,the easier the process will be.

  25.From the first paragraph, we can infer that .

  A.parents find it hard to satisfy their kids’ various demands

  B.parents meet a new challenge when raising their kids

  C.parents have more choices in offering education to their kids

  D.parents get actively involved in the process of their kids’ growth

  26.What suggestion may the researchers in the passage make?

  A.To train kids as early as possible.

  B.To try as many means as possible.

  C.To help kids develop as fully as possible.

  D.To use as many available resources as possible.

  27.What does the third paragraph mainly discuss about?

  A.The proper time to teach children to learn languages.

  B.The effective ways to help develop children’s brains.

  C.The vital factors to have a great effect on children's health.

  D.The practical steps to arouse children’s interest in study.

  28.We can replace the words “jump start” in the last paragraph with .

  A.inspiration B. introduction

  C. suggestion D. promotion


  One of the greatest gifts one generation can give to other generations is the wisdom it has gained from experience. This idea has inspired the award-winning photographer Andrew Zuckerman. He interviewed and took photos of fifty over-sixty-five-year-olds all over the world. His project explores various aspects of their lives. The photos and interviews are now available on our website.

  Click on the introductions to read the complete interviews.

  Let us now have a culture of peace.

  一Federico Mayor Zaragoza, Spain

  Federico Mayor Zaragoza obtained a doctorate in pharmacy (药学)from the Complutense Uni- versity of Madrid in 1958. After many years spent in politics, he became Director-General of UNESCO in 1987. In 1999,he created the Foundation for a Culture of Peace, of which he is now the president. In addition to many scientific publications, he has published four collections of poems and several books of essays.

  Writing is a discovery.

  一Nadine Gordimer,South Africa

  Due to a weak heart, Nadine Gordimer attended school and university briefly. She read widely and began writing at an early age. She published her first short story at the age of fifteen, and has completed a large number of works,which have been translated into forty languages.In 1991Gordimer won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

  Jazz is about the only form of art today.

  —Dave Brubeck, USA

  Dave Brubeck studied music at the University of the Pacific and graduated in 1942. After World War Two he was encouraged to play jazz. In 1951,he recorded his first album (专辑).Brubeck’s 1959 album has become a jazz standard.He received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1996.

  For more figures CLICK HERE.

  29.Why did Andrew Zuckerman choose the fifty elders for his project?

  A.Because their accomplishments inspired him.

  B.Because they are physically impressive.

  C.Because their wisdom deserves to be passed on.

  D.Because they have similar experiences.

  30.According to the web page, Federico Mayor Zaragoza .

  A.has won many awards for his work in politics

  B.has served as the president of a university

  C.has devoted all his life to the field of science

  D.has made achievements in different areas

  31.Who most probably said “My education has been the library and books” in the interview when re-flecting on his/her experience?

  A. Andrew Zuckerman. B. Federico Mayor Zaragoza.

  C.Nadine Gordimer. D. Dave Brubeck.

  32.What is the main purpose of this web page?

  A.To publicize Zuckerman’s project.

  B.To show Zuckerman’s awards.

  C.To spread the wisdom of the three people.

  D.To celebrate the achievements of the three people.


  As early as the mid-18th century, some people began raising doubts about Marco Polo’s travels. In 1995,historian Frances Wood argued in her book Did Marco Polo Go to China ? that the famous explorer from Venice never made it to pass the Black Sea. She noted that his travel journal left out the Great Wall of China,chopsticks and tea drinking among other details.Furthermore, Chinese documents from Polo’s day made no mention of the explorer and his men. Last year, a team of Italian researchers became the latest to challenge Polo’s accounts. They said that evidence didn’t support his description of Kublai Khan’s Japanese invasions (侵略).

  Now, however, research by Hans Ulrich Vogel of Germany’s Tubingen University might help prove Marco Polo was true. In a new book Marco Polo Was in China,the professor of Chinese history tries to prove that Marco Polo spoke the truth. He suggests, for example, that Polo didn’t include the Great Wall in his book because it only achieved its great importance in the Ming Dynasty several hun-dred years later. Vogel further explains that Chinese records from the 13th and 14th centuries avoided setting down visits from Westerners.

  Historians before him have touched on these issues. But Vogel also relies on another evidence:the explorer’s very detailed descriptions of currency and salt production in the Yuan Dynasty. Accord-ing to Vogel, Polo documented these aspects of Mongol Chinese culture in greater detail than any oth-er of his time. This is a hint that Polo relied on his own powers of observation.

  Will we ever know whether Marco Polo traveled to China? Perhaps not, but the consequences of his real or fictional journey are still felt across the globe. One reader of The travels of Marco Polo was Christopher Columbus,who stepped upon the New World while following his idol’s footsteps.

  33.France Wood doubted Marco Polo’s travel’s to China because his description .

  A.missed some important culture of China

  B. covered so much about traders’ life

  C.was full of obvious mistakes

  D. seemed less detailed

  34.Vogel’s trust on Marco Polo is based on the argument that .

  a.The Great Wall didn’ t gain its importance then

  b.Records in the Yuan Dynasty mentioned Polo

  c.Polo mentioned the currency and salt

  d.Polo’s other works are believable

  e.Polo recorded what he saw in great detail

  A. a, b, d

  B. a, c, d

  C. a, e


  35.Which of the following shows the structure of the text?


  根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项,选项中有两项为多余 选项。

  Things You Should Stop Doing to Be Successful

  Are you a happy person? How often do you think of reasons why everyone around you is success-ful though they are not better than you in general? What do you do wrong? Here are some things you should stop doing to be successful.

  1. 36

  Different people may interpret “success” in different ways: some of them measure it in money, other ones — in positive changes to people around them and the world in general. 37 Don’t wor-ry about what other people think but come after what makes you happy.

  2.Do not believe anything without questioning it.

  38 They are critical thinkers, and they understand that we all are ruled by our prejudices, so they will always question new information.

  3.Do not worry about all unpredictable things that may happen to you.

  If you want to be successful,stop thinking about everything that MAY happen to you. 39 Be ready to improve and change your deeds and decisions when things suddenly don’t go according to your plan.

  4.Do not care about what other people think of you.

  40 Your attempts to become “good” for everyone will turn into nothing but new worries, stresses, and problems. Successful people do not concentrate on the quantity of people to please, but worry about their quality and focus on developing friendships with people they really care about.

  A.Do not wait for the “right time” to do anything.

  B.Do not let others decide what “success” is for you.

  C.Successful people do not just accept any new information to be true.

  D.As far as we all know, it’s impossible to please all the people who surround us.

  E.Try to feel comfortable with the reality and accept the fact your future can’t be predicted.

  F.If you want to be successful, do not let others force their interpretation of success on you.

  G.Successful people never ignore or avoid problems,no matter how big and awful they seem.

  第三部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分45分)

  第一节 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)

  I was in the fifth grade when I first dipped my fingers into the endless ocean of expression and allowed my hands to grow a(n) 41 .

  I remember my hands being sweaty as I wandered 42 into her classroom. From comer to corner,the 43 were decorated with clippings (剪报)and posters 44 Deafness and American Sign Language. Pictures of 45 hands hung from the bulletin boards (宣传牌).

  Once the rest of my classmates 46 in their seats, she began. She did not speak. Her hands 47 about gracefully as she signed, “Hello. My name Ms. Lewison. Your name what?” These signs did not 48 until later that week,but still I sat upright at my desk,trying to figure them out. My entire first impression of her was “ 49 ”.

  As months passed, my class transformed to an unusually large family. Ms. Lewison was like our 50 . When we were feeling troubled,we just let our 51 do the talking. The lesson became less about following the lesson itself and more about 52 .

  Ms. Lewison performed a tough task. She 53 replaced all the ignorance in me with 54 Then she opened my 55 and opened it even wider. She would find time to turn me into a 56 signer. She taught me that there are no limits and my abilities are 57 .

  Today my fingers have learned to 58 . Ms. Lewison pushed me 59 into the ocean of Deaf Culture and I have become a strong swimmer in diverse 60 .